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Creating elegant, delicious, and downright addictive goodies has been Beth’s passion since the tender age of six. Barely able to see over the counter, Beth stepped in when her Mom attended college in the evening, helping her father make dinner. She gravitated toward baking from the beginning, serving up fluffy pancakes and steaming biscuits begging for a second serving.

Rewarded by the sweet smiles success can bring, young Beth found her artist’s tool in sugar, progressing to cookies, cakes, and pies with the loving encouragement of her Grandma who lived up the street. She watched her Grandmother bring her kitchen to life, creating new traditions for family gatherings in the form of sweet treats. One of Beth’s family favorites is her Grandmother’s “Divinity” recipe, served only at Christmas time.

Beth has always loved sharing recipes, quality time, and sound culinary advice with her aunts and cousins, solidifying her lifelong passion for cooking and baking for others.

Raising three growing children of her own, Beth had plenty of opportunity to refine her craft and advance her technique. Beth’s skillful decorating and intuitive eye for color, proportion, and design combined with her commitment to fresh, natural ingredients soon transformed her sons’ home-made birthday cakes into frequent custom orders for personalized designs.

Never compromising or growing complacent, Beth challenged herself with exploration and experimentation. Testing the properties of gourmet ingredients, fondants and pastes, fillings and frostings, and assembling multiple tiers, Beth mastered top chef techniques and expanded her services to include fabulous, show-stopping wedding cakes. 

Beth’s success stems from the ingredients which began her career: sharing and celebrating special events and gatherings. With every order, be it gourmet cupcakes, a toddler’s birthday cake, a retirement or wedding cake, Beth honors the love and laughter sure to surround your table. And the moment can be made sweeter still with her contribution to your special day.

Beth Hassman has been serving the community’s baking needs for seven years. She lives in the San Dimas, Calif. area with her husband and her morkie dogs, Cupcake and Sugar. Her adult children still call home with special requests for their favorite baked goods.

“Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.”
-Audrey Hepburn

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